The best cheesecake in Mallorca, at Grupo La Vasca

tarta de queso la vasca

What is it about cheesecake that makes it so popular? Of course, not all cheesecakes are the same, which is why we want you to discover the best cheesecake in Mallorca: the one we make at Grupo La Vasca.

Basque cheesecake is a creation that transcends both time and palate, with roots in the Basque gastronomic tradition. At Grupo La Vasca, this classic is elevated to new heights, becoming the flagship dessert that leaves a lasting impression on lovers of authentic flavours. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, in what we believe to be the best cheesecake in Mallorca you will find the perfect combination of smoothness and intense flavour. This makes every bite an unbeatable pleasure.

In the four restaurants of Grupo La Vasca, this delicacy becomes the star dessert for our diners. Although the recipe is the same, each of the group’s restaurants – La Vasca, El Vasco, Kamaleónico and El Marino – adds its own unique touch, offering the best Basque cheesecake flavour possible.

The recipe that links the restaurants of the La Vasca Group

The best cheesecake in Mallorca is served in the four restaurants mentioned above. The same recipe but different hands when it comes to making it, which, in the end, lead to the same result: a delicious dessert. Of course, there are different places to try it. La Vasca, right in the centre of Palma – Calle Bonaire -, with its focus on authentic Basque tradition. El Vasco, a Basque farmhouse at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, with a friendly, family atmosphere. Kamaleónico, with its focus on fusion cuisine, respects the traditional recipe because it is simply unbeatable. And El Marino, fusing sea and land, where the seaside location of Portitxol adds its own charm when it comes to rounding off an evening by the sea with the taste of the best cheesecake in Mallorca.

Grupo La Vasca’s Basque cheesecake is an exceptional dessert that serves as a testament to the group’s dedication to delivering flavours that transcend expectations. So if you’re looking for the best cheesecake in Mallorca, these four restaurants are the perfect destination to try it. With their commitment to authenticity and quality, our Basque cheesecake closes every meal with a sweet and memorable touch. Whether you dive into Basque tradition at La Vasca or El Vasco, enjoy creative fusion at Kamaleónico or explore seafood flavours at El Marino, Basque cheesecake awaits as the perfect finishing touch at each corner of the group on the island of Mallorca.