Where to eat the best croquettes in Mallorca

mejores croquetas de mallorca la vasca

There’s something about them that everyone loves. Their rounded shape, their creaminess, their explosion of flavour in the mouth… We’re talking about croquettes, of course. But do you know where to eat the best croquettes in Mallorca? La Vasca’s croquettes have achieved the outstanding recognition of being among the best on the island, according to the popular Instagram account @tastantmallorca and the prestigious Diario de Mallorca. This distinction highlights the culinary mastery of La Vasca, where the croquettes are crowned as an authentic gastronomic jewel that conquers the palates of locals and visitors alike.

The secret of La Vasca’s croquettes

The croquettes at La Vasca stand out for their diversity and creativity. With a variety that arouses curiosity and delights the senses, these best croquettes in Mallorca, as Diario de Mallorca assures, become an experience not to be missed. The recognition of @tastantmallorca especially highlights the txuletón, cabrales and mushroom croquettes, underlining the variety of flavours that make up this culinary delight.

La Vasca’s croquette menu presents an exquisite selection that reflects the essence of authentic Basque cuisine. Among the irresistible options are:

  • Squid in its own ink: An explosion of marine flavour in every mouthful.
  • Beef chop: The exquisiteness of Basque meat in a croquette.
  • Boletus and truffle: A captivating aromatic combination.
  • Iberian ham croquetón: A classic that never goes out of fashion.
  • Cabrales and sultanas croquetón: The fusion of intense flavours.
  • Roast chicken croquetón with alioli: An option that surprises with every bite.
  • Boletus and truffle with foie: A premium croquette that elevates the ‘croquette’ experience.
croquetas la vasca

The recognition as the best croquettes of Mallorca invites everyone to immerse themselves in the culinary experience of La Vasca and discover why their croquettes have conquered a prominent place in the top 5 of Mallorca. The combination of authentic flavours, masterful preparation and creativity make these croquettes a must for lovers of good food on the island.

Come and discover why these delicacies have conquered the palate of those who are looking for the best in the world of croquettes on the Balearic island. Come and try them!