Taste the best gildas in Mallorca in the restaurants of Grupo La Vasca

gildas en mallorca

In the fascinating world of Basque pintxos, gildas stand out as small masterpieces that delight diners with their perfect combination of intense flavours. In the four restaurants of Grupo La Vasca -La Vasca, El Vasco, Kamaleónico and El Marino-, we offer you the chance to try these gildas in Mallorca. A snack that fuses Basque tradition with culinary creativity.

The gilda: a Basque icon with history

The gilda, this iconic pintxo, has its roots in the 1950s. Its name is attributed to the 1946 American film “Gilda”, starring the famous actress Rita Hayworth. In the film, Gilda’s character is sensual and spicy, just like this combination of olives, chillies and anchovies. Since then, gilda has been a mainstay of Basque gastronomy, evoking passion and pleasure in every bite.

In our restaurants, we recognise the importance of variety to satisfy all palates. That’s why we offer a choice between the classic anchovy gilda and an equally delicious version with anchovy. Both options capture the essence of this Basque pintxo. But we have even more…

Our gilda in Mallorca: with anchovy and sirloin steak tartar

We reinvent gildas in Mallorca with our exclusive version: the gilda with anchovy and hand-cut sirloin steak tartar. This exquisite sea and mountain dish combines the freshness of the sea with the succulence of the meat, creating an explosion of flavours that is simply unparalleled. Each anchovy is carefully selected and combined with the steak tartar, offering quality ingredients that you can taste in every bite. The gilda at Grupo La Vasca is more than just a pintxo; it’s a gourmet experience.

If you are looking for the best gilda in Mallorca, we invite you to explore the four restaurants of Grupo La Vasca. At La Vasca, El Vasco, Kamaleónico and El Marino, each gilda is a masterpiece that pays homage to Basque tradition with a touch of innovation and creativity. Try the best gildas in Mallorca at our restaurants and let yourself be taken on a journey of flavours that you will want to repeat!