Discover Basque txakoli wine: tradition, freshness and flavour

vino blanco txacoli la vasca

Txakoli wine is a real jewel of the Basque Country, reflecting the region’s tradition and passion for viticulture. This fresh and slightly sparkling white wine has become a symbol of Basque gastronomy. For this reason, at Grupo La Vasca we are delighted to offer you the opportunity to try it in our restaurants El Vasco and La Vasca.

Origin of txakolí

Txakolí has its roots in the Middle Ages, when it was cultivated in small family vineyards in the Basque Country. Historically, this wine was produced and consumed locally, and was a staple at festivals and celebrations in the region. Over the years, txakolí has evolved, but it has always maintained its distinctive character and its connection with the Basque land.

Txakolí is distinguished by several characteristics that make it unique:

Freshness and acidity: This wine is known for its high acidity and freshness, making it a very refreshing and palatable drink.
Light and sparkling: Txakoli is usually slightly sparkling, with small bubbles that are released when served, adding a vibrant and lively texture.

Fruity aromas: The predominant aromas in txakolí are of citrus fruits and green apple, with herbaceous touches reminiscent of the nature of the Basque Country.

Low in alcohol: With an alcohol content of between 9% and 12%, Txakoli is a light and easy to drink wine, perfect to accompany a wide variety of dishes.

Peculiarities of txakolí

It is made mainly from two grape varieties: Hondarrabi Zuri (white) and Hondarrabi Beltza (red). These grapes are native to the Basque Country and are grown in vineyards located on hills near the sea, which contributes to its freshness and minerality.

In addition, there are three denominations of origin for txakolí: Getariako Txakolina, Bizkaiko Txakolina and Arabako Txakolina. Each of these designations brings unique nuances to the wine, depending on the location and the cultivation techniques used.

Come and taste it in La Vasca and El Vasco

At Grupo La Vasca, we want you to enjoy this Basque delicacy in all its splendour. We invite you to visit our restaurants El Vasco and La Vasca, where you can taste txakoli along with our exquisite northern dishes.

Book your table and embark on a gastronomic journey to the heart of the Basque Country, we are waiting for you with a glass of txakoli and the best flavours of our land!

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