Discover the best Basque tapas and pinchos in Mallorca

Pinchos vascos Mallorca La Vasca y El Vasco

Enjoying the best Basque tapas and pinchos in Mallorca is more than possible without leaving the island. If you want to live first-hand a unique gastronomic experience that will transport you directly to the heart of the Basque Country, you have to try two of our restaurants: La Vasca, in Palma, and El Vasco, in Bunyola. Two essential culinary destinations for pincho lovers all over the island.

Basque pinchos in Palma

Located in the heart of Palma, on Calle Bonaire, La Vasca restaurant is a gastronomic haven that captures the essence of the Basque culinary tradition. Diners are greeted by a welcoming atmosphere that reflects the warmth characteristic of the northern region of Spain. The pincho menu offers a varied selection of authentic flavours, from classics such as tortilla de patatas to innovative creations that surprise with every bite. Among the tapas and pinchos to try in Palma, there is no shortage of incredible croquettes -small squid, boletus, cabrales, etc.-, scrambled eggs, anchovies, gildas, chistorra sausage and many, many more bites – just talking about it whets the appetite!

La Vasca restaurant is an expert in creating pinchos that are not only visually appealing, but also conquer the palate with unique flavour combinations. Every choice on the menu reveals the dedication to quality and authenticity of Basque cuisine.

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El Vasco in Bunyola

A few kilometres from Palma, in Bunyola, is El Vasco, another culinary temple celebrating the tradition of Basque pinchos in Mallorca. Surrounded by nature, at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains, this restaurant offers a unique experience where diners can enjoy these delicacies in a peaceful and relaxed setting.

El Vasco’s proposal stands out for its careful selection of fresh, local ingredients, which are masterfully combined to create pinchos and tapas that conquer even the most demanding palates. From classic Iberian ham to the delicate flavours of fresh seafood, every option on the menu is an invitation to explore authentic Basque flavours. Gildas, anchovies from Santoña, oxtail croquettes, bomba de cocido… Even torreznos from Soria and black pudding from Burgos! The best Basque pinchos and tapas in Mallorca to enjoy along with main courses that will make you salivate. 

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Now, do you fancy trying the best Basque pinchos and tapas in Mallorca? La Vasca and El Vasco are the best culinary ambassadors of the Basque Country in Mallorca, we are waiting for you!