Goxua: A classic dessert from Vitoria at La Vasca

goxua la vasca mallorca

La Vasca restaurant, part of the La Vasca Group, is proud to offer a wide selection of dishes that evoke the authentic flavours of northern Spain. Among the culinary gems on our menu is a dessert that conquers hearts and palates: Goxua.

Goxua, which in Basque means ‘sweet’ or ‘rich’, is a traditional dessert from Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the Basque Country. This delicacy has been a fundamental part of Basque confectionery since its creation in the 1970s. Although its exact origin is a matter of debate, it is attributed to Luis López de Sosoaga, a confectioner from Vitoria, who devised this delicacy to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Ingredients that make the magic

Goxua is made up of perfectly balanced layers that create a symphony of textures and flavours in every mouthful:
Drunken sponge cake: The base of the dessert is a soft and spongy sponge cake, soaked in syrup or liqueur, which gives it a moist and aromatic touch.

Custard cream: On top of the sponge cake, a generous layer of rich, smooth custard cream is spread, giving it an irresistible creaminess.

Whipped cream: The next layer is whipped cream, light and airy, adding a delicate freshness to the whole.
Burnt sugar: To top it all off, a layer of burnt sugar provides a crunchy, caramelised contrast, taking the experience to another level.

A sweet experience at La Vasca

At La Vasca, we take great care to prepare Goxua following the traditional recipe, respecting every detail that has made it a classic. Each portion of Goxua is an invitation to enjoy Basque confectionery at its best.
Goxua is not only a perfect dessert to end a meal at La Vasca, but it is also an excellent choice for special celebrations. Its presentation and flavour make it ideal for moments of celebration, whether it is a birthday, an anniversary or simply a family meal.

We invite you to visit La Vasca restaurant and delight yourself with our Goxua, along with other exquisite dishes from our menu. Located in the heart of Palma, we are proud to offer a gastronomic experience that will transport you to the Basque Country with every bite.