The Pantxineta: An irresistible Basque dessert

pantxineta en mallorca postre vasco

Pantxineta is an exquisite dessert of Basque origin that captivates the palates of those who have the pleasure of tasting it. Its history goes back to the Basque Country, where it has become a real delight for sweet lovers. It was created in 1915 by the Otaegui patisserie in San Sebastian.

The basic ingredients of Pantxineta are simple but delicious: puff pastry, custard and almonds. The puff pastry is baked until it reaches a golden, crunchy texture, while the custard provides a smooth, creamy sweetness. The almonds, meanwhile, add a touch of flavour and texture that perfectly complements the whole.

In terms of nutritional value, Pantxineta is an indulgent dessert that is best enjoyed on special occasions. Its calorie and fat content make it a delicious treat, but it is recommended to be enjoyed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Try Pantxineta in Mallorca

If you want to delight your palate with this succulent dessert, we invite you to visit the restaurants of Grupo La Vasca: La Vasca, in the central Bonaire street in Palma, and El Vasco, your Basque farmhouse located next to the Alfabia gardens, before entering the Sóller tunnel.

Our chefs prepare Pantxineta with all the care and dedication necessary to guarantee an unforgettable gastronomic experience. You can try Pantxineta in Mallorca, without having to travel to the Basque Country to taste it.

Come and discover the delicious world of Pantxineta in our restaurants in Mallorca! A dessert that is a must in any Basque cookbook and that you can enjoy here on the island. We assure you that it will be love at first spoonful.