Restaurants with set menus in Palma

restaurantes con menú del día La Vasca y Kamaleónico

Discover the gastronomic experience of the best restaurants with set menus in Palma: La Vasca and Kamaleónico. Right in the heart of the city, these two restaurants offer the best value for money on a set menu in Palma. Both La Vasca, located on Calle Bonaire, and Kamaleónico on La Rambla, have turned lunchtime into a quality gastronomic experience. So much so that you will find it hard to believe.

La Vasca: set menu with a Basque accent

In the centrally located Calle Bonaire, La Vasca is one of the benchmarks of authentic Basque food in Palma. Its daily set menu, available from Monday to Thursday, is a commitment to quality and tradition. The proposal includes spoon dishes, stews and hearty Basque food, providing an experience that satisfies the most demanding palates. In this Basque corner in the middle of Palma, each menu of the day is an invitation to enjoy the authenticity of the cuisine of the Basque Country without having to leave the city centre. And all at a very affordable price, even more so if you choose to pick it up and eat it where it suits you best. 

Kamaleónico: Palma’s most international set menu

On the emblematic Rambla, Kamaleónico stands out for its varied culinary proposal, which is also reflected in its daily set menu. From Tuesday to Thursday, this restaurant offers a selection of 4 starters and 4 main courses to choose from, ensuring an experience to suit all tastes. Strategically located for those who work in the city, Kamaleónico is the ideal place for a gourmet break during the working day. It also includes dessert, water and bread – you’re sure not to have tasted such an exquisite set menu in Palma!

Both restaurants, La Vasca and Kamaleónico, have redefined the daily menu experience in Palma. Not only do they offer quality dishes but also a varied proposal that appeals to diners of all tastes. With a menu that includes a choice of 4 starters, 4 main courses, dessert, water and bread, lunchtime is transformed into a complete gastronomic experience in the heart of the city. A safe bet for those looking to enjoy a quality meal without compromising on time or gastronomic pleasure.