The warmth of soups and stews dishes in Mallorca: La Vasca and El Vasco

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In Mallorca there are two restaurants that stand as true temples of northern gastronomy, where soups and stews dishes are the main protagonists. La Vasca and El Vasco offer a culinary experience in which heartiness and flavour combine to satisfy the most demanding palates. The aim: to ensure that no one goes hungry.

Soups and stews dishes in Palma

At La Vasca, the essence of northern cuisine reaches its maximum expression. With its weekly menus from Monday to Thursday, this establishment stands out for offering an exquisite selection of soups and stews dishes in one of the best daily menus in Palma. From a comforting stew to a tasty fabada, each week is a journey to the heart of the Basque gastronomic tradition.

La Vasca’s cosy, family atmosphere invites you to enjoy an authentic gastronomic experience, where the quality of the ingredients and the care taken in the preparation result in unrivalled flavours. In addition to soups and stews dishes, La Vasca offers a variety of options to suit all tastes, from Basque pintxos to dishes to share.

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A Basque farmhouse for the whole family.

El Vasco, on the other hand, located at the foot of the majestic Tramuntana, offers a unique gastronomic experience in a family Basque farmhouse setting. Here, the soups and stews dishes of the north come to life in a rustic and cosy atmosphere. Each speciality is an ode to authentic flavours and Basque hospitality.

At El Vasco, cooking becomes a ritual, where each dish is prepared with dedication and passion to preserve the essence of traditional Basque cuisine. In addition to soups and stews dishes, El Vasco offers a wide selection of typical northern dishes, as well as a careful selection of wines to accompany each meal.

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Whether at La Vasca or El Vasco, each visit is a tribute to northern cuisine and soups and stews dishes in Mallorca. Places where quality and tradition merge to create gastronomic experiences to remember. If you are looking to delight your palate with hearty and comforting dishes, you can’t miss these two gastronomic corners. We are waiting for you to surprise you with the best of the north in every dish!