Where to eat a T-bone steak in Mallorca

dónde comer Chuletón en Mallorca Grupo La Vasca

There’s no denying it. There are days when you feel like eating a T-bone steak in Mallorca. A delicacy for any carnivore that we at Grupo La Vasca revere. Committed to Basque culinary authenticity, we have taken the experience of savouring a chuletón (as we say in Spanish) on the island to new heights. In several of our restaurants, the excellence of the meats stands out, offering steaks that are true gems of flavour.

El Vasco: the place to eat a T-bone steak in Mallorca

At El Vasco, the art of cooking meat is elevated. Diners can delight in the incomparable Basque T-bone steak, a chuleta vasca and the succulent entrecote. A product of such quality deserves to be cooked to perfection, which is why we use the Josper oven, giving a unique flavour and juicy texture to every mouthful. Undoubtedly, if you are looking for a good T-bone steak, El Vasco is the perfect place for meat lovers in Mallorca.

La Vasca: from the Basque T-bone steak to the tomahawk

At La Vasca, the Basque culinary tradition is fused with the excellence of the meats. The menu offers tempting options such as the 550 gram Basque txogitxu chop and the imposing tomahawk, guaranteeing an unforgettable carnivorous experience. Each cut, masterfully cooked, highlights the quality of the Basque products that characterise Grupo La Vasca.

El Marino: sea… but also land

Despite its seafaring character, El Marino does not neglect the excellence of its meats. Here, diners can enjoy a delicious entrecote of old beef and the succulent 550-gramme txogitxu beef chop. The fusion of flavours of the sea and the land becomes a unique gastronomic experience in the heart of Mallorca. And, what’s more, next to the sea, in Portitxol.

Kamaleónico: a stopover for quality meats

Even at Kamaleónico, where the menu is a journey around the world, homage is paid to the T-bone steak. In this case, the Basque Txogitxu T-bone steak of 550 grams is the best representative of the meats. An option that transports diners directly to the flavours of the Basque Country, adding a distinctive touch to the restaurant’s overall culinary offer.

Do you already know where to enjoy a good T-bone steak in Mallorca? Grupo La Vasca has succeeded in creating a carnivorous experience like no other on Mallorca. Whether at El Vasco, La Vasca, El Marino or Kamaleónico, the chuletón and chuleta vasca become a star dish that celebrates the excellence of Basque meats on the island. Now it’s your turn to try them!