Anchovies from Santoña: a treasure of the Cantabrian Sea

anchoas de santoña mallorca

Anchovies from Santoña are a true gastronomic treasure from the waters of the Cantabrian Sea. With their unique flavour and delicate texture, these small marine delicacies have earned a prominent place in Spanish cuisine and in the hearts of lovers of good food. But what makes Santoña anchovies so famous and why should you try them?

Santoña anchovies are famous for their exceptional quality and unrivalled flavour. Produced from the best anchovies in the Bay of Biscay, they are made following traditional salting and curing methods that have been perfected over generations. The result is a soft, meaty and slightly salty anchovy, with a touch of smokiness that makes it irresistible to any palate.

In addition to their exquisite taste, Santoña anchovies are also an excellent source of essential nutrients. They are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are beneficial for heart and brain health. They are also a good source of high-quality protein, as well as vitamins B and D, and minerals such as calcium, iron and potassium. These little marine delicacies are not only tasty, but also nutritious.

Enjoy the anchovies from Santoña in El Marino

Do you want to try the famous anchovies from Santoña? Then there is no better place than El Marino, located in Portitxol. Here, the anchovies are served accompanied by glass bread toasts, highlighting their flavour and texture perfectly. Also, of course, anchovies are present in our famous gildas. Enjoy this delicacy from the Cantabrian Sea while you relax by the sea and savour authentic seafood cuisine.