Japanese food in Palma de Mallorca: a Kamaleonian journey

comida japonesa palma kamaleónico

Finding Japanese food in Palma de Mallorca is more than possible. Are you coming on our trip around the world? At Kamaleónico restaurant, the fusion of international flavours reaches its maximum expression. And among the proposals that stand out in this varied menu, Japanese food stands out as an exceptional gastronomic experience that transports the palate to the very essence of Asian cuisine.

The Japanese food dishes in Palma that you will find at Kamaleónico are an ode to delicacy and creativity in the kitchen. Each dish captures the authentic essence of Japanese gastronomy, fusing it with a contemporary and unique twist. Among the culinary gems that adorn this section of the menu are options that promise an explosion of flavours and textures.

Kamaleónico and its Japanese food in Palma

  • Futomaki Sweet: Tempurated salmon with pear, cucumber, chives, lime cream cheese and herbs, with eel sauce and Kimuchi mayonnaise.
  • Wagyu Uramaki: Wild asparagus, avocado and rocket with flambéed Wagyu carpaccio, truffle mayonnaise and eel sauce.
  • Black Tiger Uramaki: Black Tiger tempura prawn, cucumber, avocado and spring onion topped with flambéed salmon, sweet chilli mayonnaise and tobiko.
  • Sweet Squid Roll: Tempura squid topped with teriyaki, sesame, avocado, scallion tamagoyaki, tobiko and habanero sauce.
  • Spider Roll: Nori seaweed, fried sweet potato, soft shell crab, avocado, sweet chilli cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, spring onion, beetroot sprouts and wasabi-lime and coriander mayo.
  • Veggie Roll: Creamy black carrot roll with asparagus, asparagus and chives, topped with avocado, black sesame, sweet chilli sauce and olive oil spheres.
  • Nigiris: Varieties such as red tuna with sesame and soy sauce, salmon with kimchi mayo, quail egg with truffle cream, Wagyu carpaccio with foie gras, and with shiitake mushrooms and green asparagus.
  • Prawns in Panko: Five pieces served with sweet and sour sauce.
  • Salmon, Tuna or Veggie Poke: With rice, avocado, wakame, cucumber, edamame, carrot, cherry tomato, sesame oil and spicy mayo.

A trip around the world

Fancy these delicacies of Japanese cuisine in Palma, right on the Rambla? Kamaleónico stands out for being more than just a restaurant. The Japanese food in this establishment is not only a display of mastery in fusion cuisine, but also a tribute to the richness of Japanese culinary tradition. All thanks to the constant search for perfection in the blend of fresh ingredients and innovative techniques. In addition, on their daily menu from Tuesday to Thursday you can also opt for the weekly rolls.

If you are in Palma and want to embark on a culinary journey that will transport you to Japan, you have to try Kamaleónico.