Our Rabowich: the best sandwich on Mallorca?


La Vasca has raised the culinary stakes in Mallorca with one of the jewels of its menu: the Rabowich. A sandwich that has conquered the most demanding palates on the island. This mini oxtail sandwich, with cream cheese and apricot jam in its own sauce is not only a recommended delicacy, but has achieved the status of a true gastronomic icon.

The essence of Rabowich in La Vasca

The Rabowich is much more than just a sandwich; it is a mouth-watering masterpiece. A bite that captures the essence of La Vasca’s cuisine. The tender oxtail is masterfully combined with the smoothness of the cream cheese and the sweetness of the apricot jam, creating an explosion of flavours in every bite. This dish, which has conquered the palate of diners, has become an essential option on La Vasca’s menu. That is why we have named it as one of our tops or “must tries”.

The success of Rabowich at La Vasca has been so overwhelming that it has been taken to other gastronomic corners of the La Vasca Group. In both El Vasco and El Marino, diners have the opportunity to taste this incredible sandwich that has transcended the borders of a single restaurant to become a star dish in the entire group.

Each element of the Rabowich is harmoniously integrated to create a symphony of flavours that will delight lovers of good food. The fusion of textures and the unique combination of ingredients make this mini-sandwich an unforgettable gastronomic experience that is worth trying. Would you like to try it? We invite you to order our star sandwich at La Vasca -Bonaire street-, El Vasco -Bunyola- and El Marino -Portitxol-.