Wild fish in Mallorca: enjoy El Marino

Fachada de El Marino, pescado salvaje en Mallorca

In the picturesque Portitxol area of Palma, El Marino restaurant offers the best of Mallorca’s wild fish. With a privileged location by the sea, this restaurant offers a gastronomic experience that celebrates the freshness and exquisiteness of seafood.

Fresh fish from the Palma fish market

El Marino is proud to present “Seafood of the Day”, carefully selected from the Palma Fish Market. From grilled Galician clams to coquinas, scallops and langoustines, every bite is an explosion of fresh seafood flavours. Quality and authenticity are the essence of these delicacies, providing diners with an unparalleled experience.

Grilled fish

Under the category “From the Sea to the Table”, El Marino presents a selection of fresh grilled fish, accompanied by a garlic sauce and a garnish that reflects the culinary tradition of the north. From turbot and sea bream to wild sea bass and cap roig, the menu highlights the variety and quality that characterises this emblematic restaurant.

But El Marino’s offer goes beyond the classics. The bluefin tuna tataki, with sesame seeds, sautéed vegetables and baking potatoes, is a display of creativity that masterfully fuses flavours and textures. Likewise, the grilled cod on seasonal vegetables and a side of baker’s potatoes demonstrates the variability of El Marino’s seafood cuisine.

Ask for fresh fish

For those looking for a more personalised experience, El Marino offers individually portioned fresh fish. From exquisite sole and sea bream to sea bass and red mullet, each choice promises to take diners on a journey of unique flavours.

In short, El Marino stands out as the preferred choice for enjoying wild fish in Mallorca. Committed to the freshness and quality of seafood, this restaurant is the ideal place for those seeking a dining experience that celebrates the best of the sea in the heart of Mallorca.